Procedures & Conditions Treated


1.How long will the procedure take?

The procedure itself takes approximately 30 minutes. However, expect to be at the clinic for up to 2 hours due to the time required to complete registration, pre-operative preparation and recovery.

2.Can I drive home after my procedure?

You are going to be sedated and as a result you will not be able to drive until the following morning. Also, do not go back to work after the procedure.

3.Can I stay awake during the procedure?

Physicians recommend sedation. It is makes it more comfortable and easier for both you and the physician. However, if you absolutely wish to have no sedation, you have that option. Should you choose “no sedation”, it will be noted on your consent and in your report.

4.Can a friend or family member stay with me during the procedure?

Unfortunately, not – as only patients are allowed in the endoscopy suite. Your friend/family member will have to remain in the waiting area. Should you need assistance with regards to dressing/undressing or for translation, please inform the nurse prior to your procedure.

5.Can I take a taxi home?

You are permitted to take a taxi home ONLY if you are accompanied by someone or have someone accompany you when you arrive home.

6.How can I fast for so long if I am a diabetic?

We recommend you book an early morning appointment to reduce the time required to fast. We may bring a snack with you to have after your procedure is completed. Please consult your physician on how to take your diabetic medications and insulin the day before and the day of the procedure.

7.Should I continue to take my medications/vitamins prior to my procedure?

You may take your blood pressure, heart medications, asthma and epilepsy in the morning with a small sip of water. Diabetic patients will need special instructions from their doctor.

8. Can I still have my procedure if I am menstruating?

You can still have your procedure but ask that you wear either a tampon or pad.

9.Do I have to take the bowel prep – I had a bad reaction last time/or it tastes awful?

The physician prefers you complete the prep as directed. Should your colon not be clean on the date of your appointment, the procedure will be cancelled, and we will need to rebook your procedure.

If you have a sensitive stomach or get nauseated, you may take Gravol 50 mg tablet 30 minutes prior to starting your preparation.

10. Will I see physician before and after my procedure?

Yes. The physician will describe the procedure to you prior to beginning. After your procedure is completed, the physician will provide you with a written report on how the procedure went.

11. Why do I need a consultation before my procedure?

Given your specific circumstances, a consultation is required before your procedure, (i.e. age, medical conditions and time of last scope)

12. Do the physicians see children?

No. The physicians only see patients 18 years of age or older. Children should be seen by a paediatric gastroenterologist and should have their procedure performed at a hospital.

13. What is the difference between doing the procedure at the hospital vs. the clinic?

The wait time for a procedure in a hospital is usually much longer.

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