How Do Gastric Balloons Work?

Weight loss can be a challenging journey for many individuals. While there are various options available, not everyone wants to undergo a surgical procedure to achieve their desired results, nor may the require it or be eligible for such a surgery.
This is where gastric balloons come in as a non-surgical weight loss solution accessible to a wider population of individuals eager to aid in their weight loss journey. But what exactly are gastric balloons and how do they work for weight loss?
Let’s take a closer look, shall we?!
What are Gastric Balloons?
A gastric balloon is a silicone or elastomer device filled with air or saline solution and is inserted into the stomach strategically to take up space and reduce food intake. There are two main types of gastric balloons in that of the single-balloon system and the dual-balloon system.
  • The single-balloon system: is a single, larger balloon that is inserted into the stomach.
  • The dual-balloon system: consists of two smaller balloons that are inserted into the stomach.
As for acting as an aid in weight loss, the gastric balloon works exactly as suggested above; by taking up space in the stomach and reducing the amount of food that can be consumed during a meal.
The gastric balloon works as a mechanical barrier between the food and the receptors in the stomach that signal fullness, thus resulting in the patient ultimately eating in a caloric deficit and losing weight.
As for any weight loss strategy, the gastric balloon, though advantageous in many respects, doesn’t come without its disadvantages…
Advantages of Gastric Balloons:
  • They are a non-surgical option for weight loss
  • The procedure is minimally invasive
  • Patients typically return to their normal activities within a few days
  • A short procedure time, taking less than an hour to insert.
  • Shown to be effective in producing significant weight loss results
Disadvantages of Gastric Balloons
  • Some patients may experience nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain
  • Gastric balloons are a short-term solution for weight loss
  • Requires significant lifestyle changes
If you or someone you know is undergoing a gastric balloon treatment for weight loss, it’s imperative to work with a medical professional and even a nutritionist to ensure reduced portion sizes and the adoption of a healthy diet is achieved. Then and only then will your weight loss goals be achieved in tandem.
In Conclusion
Gastric balloons are a non-surgical option for individuals looking to achieve weight loss. The balloons work by taking up space in the stomach and reducing food intake, resulting in weight loss.
While there are potential risks and complications associated with gastric balloons, they offer a short procedure time and have been shown to be effective in producing satisfactory weight loss results to those who follow strict lifestyle changes after the procedure.

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